A Profile of the Artist

About the Artist

Ju left her career as a social worker returning to her first love of writing and the arts after the death of her mum, a late diagnosis of autism and having been a missing person in 2017. She is an established blogger, published musician, poet and painter whose past experiences range from winning The James Herbert Special Illustrators Award (culminating in a group exhibition in Londons’ Covent Garden opened by Sir David Attenborough) to a Princes Trust exhibition for HRH Prince of Wales. Ju was one of the earlier artists to have benefited from The Princes Trust sponsorship after overcoming extreme hardship in her teenage years. In 2016 she was a finalist of the National Open Mic competition, performing her original songs to key industry representatives and playing twice at Birminghams National Exhibition Centre. Ju was keynote speaker at the International Conference on Missing Children and Adults in 2019 and has appeared on BBC Songs of Praise and CBS television USA in support of the Voices for Missing (previously Missing People Choir) and the work of the Missing People charity of which she is now an ambassador. Ju’s story of diagnosis and recovery has been published in both Community Care and The Northern Big Issue, she draws inspiration from the world around her and describes herself as a woman simply looking for the bridge that will enable a more inclusive and respectful acceptance of each other. Ju reflects candidly within her writing, painting and music upon having lived for the majority of her life  as an undiagnosed autistic woman and now seeks through her own creative expression to encourage and support others through their own recovery from mental health distress, misdiagnosis and autistic burn out.

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