A Message from Carrie and David Grant

fullsizeoutput_1304“Ju is an outstanding and inspirational human being. There are so many threads to her life and many “difficult to hear” stories. One wonders if her autism diagnosis had come sooner would things have been different for Ju? Ju has a way with words that hit hard and have real poignancy, she is an artist at heart and her view of the world is quite amazing. She is also a truth-seeker and is able to reflect on her life experiences and still bring hope”. 

by Carrie and David Grant

2 thoughts on “A Message from Carrie and David Grant”

  1. Lovely to hear Ju, you are you, the ‘difficult to hear’ stories and the undiagnosed Autism have made you who you are and all my memories of you are good ones☺

    Keep being you and shape your life to suit you.

    Fond regards, Lee

    Ms Lee Townsend
    Social Worker
    South Staffs ASC Community Team 3
    Midland Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
    P O Box 7014
    Civic Centre
    4th Floor
    Beecroft Road
    WS12 9GT
    Tel: 01543 729242
    Fax 01782 532371
    email: lee.townsend@mpft.nhs.uk

    •: http://www.mpft.nhs.uk/
    [cid:image009.jpg@01D1E67D.53BADA30]: https://www.facebook.com/mpftnhs/



  2. Beautiful words for a beautiful person. They have captured you really well here as everyone whose life you touch will appreciate xxx

    Pauline Brown Sent from my iPhone



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