A day of quiet reflection, what a difference a year makes. It’s twelve months since my spirit broke and the clown mask fell off, the most singularly terrifying experience of my entire life where, after a three year battle with depression and being the strong one, holding everyone else together, I eventually found myself in the care of the metropolitan police under section for a night, in a London hospital -no longer a missing person. Trust me, it takes some processing, but I am nearing completion of my book and have many exciting opportunities ahead, with the love of a beautiful wife and incredible professional support I got well again. Mental ill health is still a taboo subject, it frightens people, but you can get well, I promise. You never truly come back from a big crash but you learn to adapt and breathe and live a different pace of life and you find out what friendship really means.I’m thankful today, because I’m here and able to help others if possible simply because it’s how we roll isn’t it, helping each other. Please don’t be a stranger to a friend who is struggling, they may not be in a position to tell you their pain but if you can see it, sense it, feel it, hold onto them, stand by them,it’s a lonely place. So, today I am grateful for life and holding my head up high as a survivor.

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