Time to come out of the shadows, blowing the cobwebs away

Sharing some of my artwork from when I had my own studio after being one of the first young people to benefit from sponsorship by The Princes Trust after overcoming challenges in my childhood. Was lucky to be chosen to then paint and exhibit for Prince Charles 40th birthday and went on to enjoy some success in exhibition after gaining a first class degree in fine art in Lancashire. Not bad for a kid that left school way too early with no qualifications but painting was such a valuable means of expression and I’m becoming more and more inclined to start painting again. Sadly, a lot of the main degree show and subsequent pictures are now gone as they were on average over nine feet long. It was a sad day when I had to take them to the refuge tip because I had nowhere to store them. My main focus for my degree exhibition was industrial landscape in the West Midlands with poetry to go alongside it. It feels strange to be sharing this work now but absolutely the right thing to do, it’s like my songs, they’ve been collecting dust for too long, time to come out of the shadows, sending love, Ju x

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